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All up-to-date traffic information and some new contests on ČAS Radio

17.09.2014, 18:03

One of the media partners of event is also a ČAS radio channel, which will broadcast directly from premises of the NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days on frequency 88, 6 FM. On this frequency information about situation on airport or on access roads will be available.

From Saturday and Sunday morning every fifteen minutes, actual information about traffic situation will be transmitted.  “We will monitor access roads from all directions throughout the weekend, we will cooperate with traffic police. We can guarantee the most actual information related to Mošnov airport on our frequency,” said manager of programme marketing Barbora Šindelková.

Besides the traffic information, the editors of the ČAS radio will cover also the news from radio studio right at the airport. On the frequency of the radio, the visitors will be able to hear the comments about actions in the air and also on the ground. People who will be interested will be able to experience, how the job of the radio editor looks like at such a big event. People can also visit the studio and say hello to their friends. There will be the tent right next to the studio, in which the Radio ČAS prepared many games and presents. Also the listeners of the radio may participate in the competition. They will have a chance to call into the studio and share with the others, from which different places they are able to watch this dynamic show.

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The General Partner of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days is the company
SAAB Czech s.r.o.

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