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Successful European Airshow Council Convention – Bringing Home Award and Interview With Greek Pilot

23.03.2014, 17:30

Jagello 2000 has been visibly present at the annual EAC meeting in Antwerp, again. Like last year and among ever-increasing competition, NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days has been awarded the third prize for its marketing material. We are also pleased to bring you an interview with the F-16 Demo Team Zeus pilot.

“We are thrilled to have defended the third position from last year among European airshows in the marketing. We view it as a significant recognition of the long time high standards of our show and are thankful to our fans for their continuous support,” comments Zbyněk Pavlačík, Jagello 2000´s chairman. “Overall, the level of presentations of individual events has increased considerably. That is why the third prize is so valuable for us amid such competitors as Air Tattoo or Air14 Payerne,” adds Pavlačík. For NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force, it is already the third EAC award in four years.

During packed convention programme, we have also met Captain Giorgos Androulakis, display pilot of the Hellenic Air Force F-16 Zeus Demo Team. Giorgos is already excited about coming to Ostrava and presenting his skills to the NATO Days audience. He was kind enough to answer a few questions, some of which were inspired by our fans:

How many flight hours do you have to date and on what types of aircraft?

I have flown total of 1,900 hours, from which 1,400 hours is on the F-16. Before, I have flown the A-7 Corsair II.

What is characteristic of your display routine? Is there anything different from other F-16 demo teams?

I fly a regular combat aircraft from our squadron. My plane does not have any special configuration, maintenance nor painting scheme - it is painted in standard air force livery. I can thus perform on any aircraft from our squadron´s inventory. In my presentation, I do not try to “sell the aircraft”. I rather show real combat manoeuvres. That is why the display is a bit more aggressive, on high speeds, more like the U.S. Air Force style.

Are you bringing to Ostrava an F-16 with conformal fuel tanks?

The decision about specific configuration has not been made yet. However, these integrated fuel tanks boost our aircraft’s range and looks. The plane looks more "muscular" with them. The tanks enable me to fly to a distant airport, perform my display and return home. I have used them during one display at the show 200 miles away where I could fly from my base and return without need to refuel.

How does the display pilot selection process look like?

Any pilot form the entire Hellenic Air Force with needed qualities can apply. At the end, the commander selects two pilots – one of them becomes a display pilot and instructor, the second one his back-up. After this, the selection must be further justified by another 17 sorties by both pilots. For the two, it is a great honour to represent the Hellenic Air Force.

What is the most important aspect of flying for you personally?

I have wanted to become a pilot since I was little. I have never dreamt that I would become an F-16 display pilot, however. Absolutely most important for me is the fact that I still want to be a pilot after learning what all it takes.

Which destination number will the Czech Republic be for the Zeus Demo Team?


Are you planning a rehearsal in Ostrava before the weekend show?

Yes, I do plan on practising :-)

TIP: First Foreign Participant of This Year is Greek F-16 Demo Team

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