NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days

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Visiting Regulations

Visiting Regulations of
NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days

By entering the event’s venue, each visitor commits her/himself to abide by this Visiting Regulations of the event in the event’s venue for duration of the event.

Organizer of the event is empowered to:
  • Take the visitor out of the venue with assistance of the event’s security service in case of not abiding by this Visiting Regulations.
  • Give instruction to the visitors and participants for purposes of: keeping the safe course of the event, keeping the safety of visitors and protecting property
  • Conduct checks in field of fire safety
  • Change the programme of the event in case of extraordinary circumstances (weather conditions, security threat, etc.)
Visitor of the event commits her/himself to:
  • Keep order and tidiness 
  • Behave politely towards other visitors and towards organizers
  • Not violating the course of the event 
  • Abide by this Visiting Regulations of the event, to follow the organizer’s instructions and the citation of law
In the event’s venue there is strictly prohibited to:
  • Enter with domestic animals, especially with dogs and cats, excluding dogs with a special status (police dogs, walking dogs for disabled people, etc.)
  • Enter the event’s venue under influence of alcohol or intoxicating and psychoactive substances
  • Bring or manipulate with: weapons, pyrotechnics, objects threatening the safety of the event, psychoactive substances and laser pointers
  • Bring or distribute air balloons 
  • Enter the event’s venue when under 15 years of age with no accompanying adult
  • Place any propagation or advertisement materials in the event’s venue without written consent of the event’s organizer

In case of extraordinary circumstances, the visitor of the event reports the details to emergency lines:

  • Fire brigade - 150
  • Medical emergency service - 155
  • Police - 158
  • European emergency line - 112
Important warnings:
  • The visitor takes part in the event on her/his own liability and she/he is liable for all damage she/he causes by her/his action.
  • The organizer is not liable for damage on health or property of visitors, if this damage is not caused in direct link with breaking of the law by the organizer.
  • Some points of the programme can be accompanied with higher level of noise. Visitors of the event should protect their hearing in proper manner and tools and also that of their children.
  • Visitors of the event should instruct their children before entering the event’s venue about their actions should they become lost during their visit.
    It is advised to give calling cards with contact information to children. In case of missing the child, please contact the organizers or directly the station of the Police of the Czech Republic (the station is marked in the orientation map of the venue)

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NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days!

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